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We tested out one of the past year’s most talked-about travel accessories…

If you’re even a semi-frequent traveler on long-haul flights in economy, this pillow is worth the price for the improvement it makes to the passenger’s general comfort. Whatever weird sleeping position you’re trying to achieve, you can manipulate this pillow to get you there. We need all the help we can get in economy class these days, and this pillow provides it.

Touted as a 21st century improvement on those ubiquitous horseshoe-shaped pillows you can buy in most airport terminals, the Znzi pillow comes with six magnets embedded in it, which enables the pillow to be configured in a number of shapes. It also has two suction cups for attaching it to the plane window. As far as "cushiness" goes, it’s a good combo of soft and firm.

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Finding the perfect gift for every type of traveler…

We’ve all seen those horseshoe-shaped travel pillows; maybe you’ve used one to some success. The difference here? The Znzi pillow includes six magnets and two suction cups, so it can be rearranged into about a dozen configurations. Want to cozy up next to a plane window? Deploy the suction cups. Leave it open for some extra height on top of your seat tray or leave it open for a more conventional pillow experience. The included bag makes it easy to stuff into – or hang off of – luggage.

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Your Neck Will Thank You – Znzi Travel Pillow

I’ve written before about travel pillows but there’s one that I use at home and I don’t travel without it - the Znzi travel pillow. It rolls, folds and twists easily. There are 6 embedded magnets to help it keep whatever shape I choose. At home I find it soothing, on a flight it’s essential. I’ve carried it across Switzerland, climbing in and out of trains, buses and boats. It should have its own frequent flier mileage accounts! Loyalty is a virtue and who could’ve guessed a travel pillow had that!

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Get some rest on your next flight! A comfortable and compact pillow is an essential item for any traveler. This adaptable pillow contains six magnets that let you mold the pillow into whatever shape you like. It’s made of ultra-soft fabric that feels like a cuddly blanket so you can snuggle up against it. There are even two suction cups that you can stick to windows.

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Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow reimagines what high quality travel gear should be.

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Ask anyone who’s ever taken a long car ride or uncomfortable airplane ride coach. Wouldn’t you kill for a mid-trip snooze? That’s usually not too likely, given the seat configurations and jammed-like-sardines airplane cabins. The Znzi Travel Pillow may be the answer to lots of prayers. With 6 magnets and 2 suction cups – this pillow can snap, stick, and roll into different shapes, it’s perfect for every position!

With ultra-plush, baby-soft material, this pillow makes getting comfortable effortless. We tried it recently on both a long car ride and airplane ride as well. The suction cups are perfect for attaching to airplane (or car) windows, providing more cushy padding than a skimpy airplane pillow. And airlines aren’t handing out pillows these days anyway. The Znzi is easy to carry. The ravel case can slip over luggage or clip to a carry on.

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If your traveling pals do a lot of flying, this travel pillow would be a blessing. The pillow comes with six magnets and two suction cups, so you can arrange it to fit sleeping style and travel method.

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There are tons of neck pillows on the market because travelers love neck pillows, but this has the Transformers cool factor working for it.

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What’s New, What’s Hot: September 2015:
Six embedded magnets enable a sleep-deprived traveler to form this plush pillow's shape to adapt to virtually anyone's comfort zone no matter the trim of a seat or mode of transportation. Let your imagination loose, then snap, roll or stick this pillow to form any configuration you find comfortable. Two suction cups enable easy window sitting. The Znzi pillow comes in a nylon travel bag that includes double straps and a clasp for sliding over luggage handles or clipping to a backpack or purse.

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The shape-shifting Znzi Travel Pillow is the best way to sleep on a plane. I tried 11 different airplane pillows…. All were awkward to pack and more or less frustrating to use on a flight.

All except one…. What sets the pillow apart is its ability to shape shift: six strategically placed magnets in the fabric and a pair of suction cups enable it to bend, twist and conform to any sleeping style or situation. Fold the pillow lengthwise and the magnets attach, making it ideal for behind-the-neck placement; fold it in half and you have a thicker pillow that’s ideal for side sleeping. Seated by the window? Stick the suction cups to the glass and you can nod off without fearing the cold window pane.

The Znzi can be aligned in an assortment of ways, each of which is equally supportive, and helps compress it into a carry-on…damn, is it comfortable.

Reference: https://vanwinkles.com/this-shape-shifting-travel-pillow-is-the-best-way-to-sleep-on-a-plane

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The Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow was reviewed by LA Talk Radio’s “The TasteMakers” in Los Angeles, California. TasteMakers Mark and Matt Harris say about the unique travel pillow:

“This is exciting. This is scientific stuff we’re talking about here! …The great thing about this is, this is more than just any travel pillow, it’s got different shapes and sizes. This thing, you can move it into different positions. You can flip and fold this pillow to fit around your head when you’re at home, when you’re on the plane, when you’re in the car, to make it as comfortable as you want. Right now you’re just a snap away from complete comfort. It’s very soft, there’s no doubt about it….”

The Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow is also being featured in the Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay” show celebrity gift bags.

Source: LA Talk Radio

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Gear + gadgets: Adaptable travel pillow in a snap. Surprisingly, the Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow delivers the good (that is, good head and neck support) in an innovative way that warrants enthusiasm. Sitting in a window seat? Those suction cups can secure the pillow to the window, so you can lean into the cushiness without worrying about slippage. For ultimate neck support, bend the pillow in half lengthwise, and snap together the three magnets along the periphery at each end of the pillow…. Let the nodding off begin.

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The ingenious part is the six strategically imbedded magnets and two suction cups, which allow the pillow to be re-shaped and reconfigured to provide optimum comfort in different circumstances.

Reference: http://www.denverpost.com/travel/ci_28165289/znzi-travel-gear-review-adaptable-pillow-snap

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Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow the Most Versatile on the Market. The Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow is a fun, versatile and effective pillow for just about any occasion. I was intrigued by the pillow as it isn't another typical horseshoe shaped neck pillow with some cheap cushioning. Instead, it's a rectangular pillow with two suction cups on one end and a series of magnets inside that allows it to transform into a whole bunch of different shapes to suit your needs... It is made in the USA and is one of the most versatile, creative pillows I have come across… I also enjoy using it at home while reading on the couch or watching TV. It has noticeably soft fabric which makes it nice and cozy.

Reference: http://www.sleepsherpa.com/accessories/znzi-travel-pillow-review/

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With all the travel pillows on the market, can yet another new entry possibly stack up? Surprisingly, the ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow delivers good head-and-neck support in an innovative way…. The ingenious part is the six strategically embedded magnets and two suction cups that allow the pillow to be reshaped and reconfigured.

Reference: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/la-trb-gear-pillow-magnets-suction-cups-20150508-story.html

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Airlines are stingy with guest pillows, those U-shaped sleeper pillows make your head pitch forward the moment your neck relaxes, and inflatable pillows have to be re- or de-inflated with every shift in altitude. But now comes the Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow: six strategically-placed magnets make it possible to shape the pillow into multiple configurations (visit znzitravelstuff.com for suggestions, or to order), and it has two suction cups, so unlike your balled-up jacket - the Znzi doesn't slide down the window while you're trying to sleep.

Reference: http://www.orangecoast.com/travel/may-travel-news-znzi-travel-stuff-pillow

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With all the travel pillows on the market, can a new entry possibly be all that different and improved? Surprisingly, the ZNZI Travel Stuff Pillow delivers the good (good head and neck support) in an innovative way. The 19-by-12-inch rectangular pillow is made of soft polyester fabric and stuffed with a plump, yet featherweight, fill.


I’m not one to write product reviews, but there are so many surprises about this travel pillow, I want to let others know. Until now, I’ve absolutely never experienced a travel pillow worth carrying through the airport and onto a plane. I travel extensively for business and am never able to rest, even when in first or business class seats. My wife is always looking for travel products to help me relax in flight, and saw this Znzi Travel Stuff pillow on Amazon. She was excited it promised to conform to wherever you are, and it actually does. Those 6 magnets are the magic. I snap them together and the soft, fluffy travel pillow transforms into many different shapes. When I'm in the aisle or middle seat I click it into a taco or bow tie shape. When I'm by a window, I use the 2 suction cups and snap the bottom part up to cradle my head and chin. It holds whatever shape I want it to be and wow, is it ever comfortable. My wife even uses it at home while reading in her favorite chair.

This pillow has a very effective design, and I'm surprised it's taken this long to come to market. The Znzi is a high quality, versatile travel pillow, just like it says. And I've found it's worth every penny when you need to rest at 39,000 feet!


This pillow is freaking amazing! You can not only use it for traveling, but just around the house. It is so soft and comfortable, and I'm so happy that it can conform into different shapes to fit my head/neck!


PLEASE make this pillow in camo so my husband will stop using MINE up in his tree stand.


Really like mine and it's hasn't left the house yet! It's quickly warm like flannel but no fuzzinest. Works great on my couch. Went thru a very bad case of flu and I just adjusted it to the highest level to keep congestion out of throat. It's very adaptable and doesn't settle much like most pillows do. Now you have a chance to win one....


This is my new favorite travel companion. So versatile and useful in any environment - plane, car or hotel. The soft fabric is the icing on the cake. Thanks for this great new product!


Not just for Travel

I LOVE THIS PILLOW!!!! It's not just for travel. When I get home from work, I have pains at the base of my skull and neck from hours at the computer. With it in the "log" shape it provides major support for my neck while in my recliner. Warning....the fabric is so soft and comfortable, falling asleep is a huge possibility.



I bought the travel pillow for my husband for a "stocking stuffer," and he loves it! He said he wished he had owned one when he traveled to London last year. He plans to keep it in the back of his car - easy to do with the handy storage bag.

I used the pillow on a trip to Tulsa, and it was super-comfortable against the car window - so much better than using my bulky bed pillow.

If you haven't seen the pillow, it may seem a little pricey - but it's a quality product that's worth every penny. The fabric is super-soft, the suction cups and magnets work really well, and you can tell it's well-made. The fact that it can be washed is a huge plus! Love it!


Don't need to be on a plane to use. I love to read in bed and the znzi works great - - cradles my head without killing my neck. Soft, flexible and comfy. If you like to read in bed, you have to try this!


Best Travel Pillow Ever!

I travel regularly for my job. Using the u-shaped pillows are a hassle. They get dirty, can't be washed, you can't carry them easily and they only let you rest in one direction. The Znzi pillow is amazing. Whether I'm in the plane aisle or middle seat, I rest comfortably with this pillow behind my head, my shoulders or my back. It works any way I want it to and I can change it again and again. The magnets give it such versatility and I love that I can put it in the washing machine! I even use it at home when reading on the sofa. I'm so happy I found this pillow! I look forward to what Znzi Travel Stuff puts out next. Thanks!

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