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The unlikely birth of an awesome company with a revolutionary new product... 

Znzi Travel Stuff®

We’re just going to come out and say it, because the words really need to be spoken aloud. “Why are travel pillows so bad...just really, truly awful? Trying to use one is usually worse than no pillow at all. Admit it, your neck has been unnaturally pushed forward by bulky u-shapes and your cheek has stuck to those flimsy inflatables. Not a pretty picture, and it’s anything but comfortable. 

We hear you, and we've felt your pain...neck, that is. And we've done something about it.

car Rewind to 2012, when two long-time corporate advertising business partners (let’s call them Barbara and Victoria), longed to leave the marketing rat race behind. They’d loved their creative ad work for years, but now wished for something else, something new and exciting...but what?

Following a particularly grueling 10-hour flight from Ireland, Victoria complained bitterly. Exhausted, her trip was made monumentally worse by the lack of a decent airplane pillow. The third time her airline-issued mini pillow slipped backwards onto a stranger’s feet, the man gruffly warned he wasn’t picking it up again. No sleep was had by weary her, but she noticed no one else seemed to be resting comfortably, either. 

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While discussing her punishing journey with Barbara a week later, Victoria remembered that napless flight and cried, “Hey, we can stop this madness! Let’s put our heads together and come up with a better travel pillow, one that’s super comfortable and works everywhere!” Having also suffered the travelers’ neck-bob for years, Barbara agreed and was intrigued by the possibilities. So both Victoria and Barbara set out on the long, arduous journey of starting a travel goods design and manufacturing company from the ground up (no small feat, my friends).

Fast forward to 2014, and voila, The Original Znzi Travel Stuff pillow is born. Two years of trial and error, design and redesign, have yielded a uniquely soft, incredibly adjustable pillow boasting the highest quality Cuddle fabric, 6 strong magnets and 2 suction cups. Whichever seat you take in whatever vehicle, go ahead and customize the pillow’s shape to fit your needs. It’s that versatile!

The pillow even doubles as a headrest while reading, lounging or watching TV, and a nifty armrest when video gaming. Go figure.

We’ve done our best to create the kind of high-quality travel pillow you’d insist on bringing with you time and again, trip after trip. We sincerely wish you comfortable rest and safe travels!

Oh, and by the way, it’s pronounced zin-zee. ;-)

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