ZNZI Travel Stuff

The Original Znzi

Travel Stuff Pillow

Because one style never fits all.

With luxurious Cuddle fabric, 6 magnets and 2 suction cups, you've never experienced a travel pillow like this before. 

Create unique shapes to fit your individual needs by snapping the magnets in different directions. You’ll enjoy personalized head and neck support no matter where you’re sitting on a plane, train, car, bus, chair, couch, floor and more. 

4 travel-friendly colors:

Navy, Charcoal, Plum and Burgundy. 

Bag included.

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All colors are currently out of stock.

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The Original Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow. Because one style never fits all.

You’ve never experienced a travel pillow like this before. No awkward u-shapes, no flimsy inflatables. Our baby blanket soft pillow adapts to your every environment:

• 6 strategically-placed magnets and 2 suction cups
• Highest quality, ultra-soft Cuddle fabric
• Configures differently for window, middle or aisle seating
• Snap it, stick it or roll it to fit your individual space and comfort level
• Specially designed to cradle the back of your neck
• Both outer ends thoroughly support your head
• Configures into a sturdy lower back support or armrest
• Equally effective traveling in a plane, train, bus, car and more
• Lightweight carrying bag slips over luggage handles and clips to purses and carry-ons
• Also great for lounging, reading, watching TV, video gaming and more

Not intended for children under 13. Not a toy. Do not tear out magnets from inside pillow, as they may become a choking hazard. Keep away from pets. Magnets interfere with some medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps.

4 travel-friendly colors.
Lightweight, 18” x 12”.
Machine washable.
Patent No. 9,427,087.