ZNZI Travel Stuff

The only travel pillow that snaps into shapes and sticks to windows!

The Original Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow

At last, no awkward u-shapes & no flimsy blow-ups

Oh So Comfortable

Ultra snuggly and baby blanket soft Cuddle fabric, for restful sleep anywhere.

Neck Pillows

Astoundingly Versatile

Snap it, stick it or roll it into shapes that fit any seat and vehicle.

go travel pillow

Easy To Carry

Travel Bag quickly slips over luggage and clips to all carry-ons and purses.

head and neck pillow support

Beyond Travel

Perfectly sized for added support when lounging, reading and more.

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6 magnets & 2 suction cups for limitless adjustability!

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Foam Travel Pillow U-shaped Pillow Airplane Pillow Inflatable Pillow Original Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow Pillow Zinzi Car Neck Pillow foam travel pillow
The Original

Znzi Travel Stuff

Pillow, because one style never fits all.

Your search for the most comfortable, adaptable travel pillow is over. 6 strategically-placed magnets and 2 suction cups allow you to customize our ultra-soft pillow to your exact needs and location. Whether sitting in a window, middle or aisle seat, go ahead and snap it, stick it or roll this most adjustable of all travel pillows into different shapes. The number of configurations is almost limitless, making it the best
travel pillows
designed with your comfort in mind. No u-shaped pillow, inflatable pillow or foam travel pillow comes close to offering such flexibility. Arriving at your destination feeling rested is key, making your pillow the most important of all travel accessories.

Not just a travel neck pillow, the Original Znzi Travel Stuff Pillow is perfect for added support when lounging, reading, watching TV, video gaming and more. Anywhere you’d like to relax, our versatile pillow creates a cozy resting place.
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